ADHD: Inattention and Hyperfocus

Do you or your child have difficulty paying attention to tasks that frankly, are boring or unstimulating?  Is it like pulling teeth to get them to do homework or to read a book?  If so, then I would bet that there is also some other focus-related problem going on as well and this is hyperfocus.  Hyperfocus is when there is an extreme amount of attention paid to activities that are highly rewarding or stimulating.  The most common objects of hyperattention are video games,  web surfing or the use of portable electronic devices.  I believe that the term ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is an inaccurate label for many folks with attentional problems because it does not fully describe those with too much attention, rather than just an attention deficit.   Perhaps it should be called ARD- Attention Regulation Disorder since those with attention deficit have trouble getting their brains into gear in order to fully attend to something, and those with hyperfocus cannot break free from overfocusing on a certain activity.

Our neurofeedback clinic is one of the largest in the country, the largest in the DC metro area and in Northern Virginia.  We treat all types of attention disorders, not just the deficit kind.  We often find that most clients with attentional dysregulation have too many slow or fast brainwaves in the attentional circuits of the brain.   Neurofeedback  (also called EEG biofeedback or brain optimization) is a non-invasive treatment for ADHD that teaches folks to speed up or slow down their affected brain regions and we have had good successes.

Josh was a 13 year old boy who came to us a year ago.  He hated to go to school because it bored him.  He especially hated English, History and Spanish classes and was making poor grades in these subjects.  He did 40 sessions of neurofeedback brain training, cleaned up his diet, limited the amount of time on his devices and his grades improved dramatically by the end of last school year.   An added bonus to this was that it improved his insomnia, and he was less anxious in school, too.

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