We have all heard the phrase “butterflies in my stomach” but how did they get there in the first place?

As we learned at a young age, a butterfly is not born as a butterfly but instead undergoes a transformation. The existence of the caterpillar precedes the “birth” of the butterfly. Quite often anxious feelings are the result of certain beliefs about a particular event. The feelings usually precede the belief becoming a reality, but nonetheless, the body creates a physiological response as though the worst has already happened. It is possible to reframe these beliefs so that the anxious feelings do not arise.

The goal in therapy is to teach clients better stress management skills to reduce their reactivity to stress, which is notices physiologically as rapid breathing, increased heart rate, sweat glands increasing production, etc. Neurofeedback is a cutting edge, non-pharmaceutical approach to treating the brain and body’s response to stress and lower those symptoms of anxiety. The result is clients learn to catch the caterpillar before it becomes a butterfly in the stomach.

By Derek Russell, MA, NCC – Staff Therapist at The Better Brain Center. If you would like to get in touch with Derek please call 703-684-0334 or email info@thebetterbraincenter.com.