Testimonials – Biofeedback, Migraines, Attention Deficit Disorder*

“I have been very impressed and delighted to see some of my more challenging patients with migraines who had been on a number of medications finally get relief by undergoing neurofeedback. I referred them to Dr. Stokes’ neurofeedback clinic because we were running out of conventional options. Neurofeedback is something more physicians need to add to a repertoired approach to migraines.”*
– Virginia Elgin, MD/ Pediatric Neurologist

I have suffered from chronic migraines for the past fifteen years. In the past four years my migraines became a daily debilitating occurrence. I have seen five neurologists and have tried numerous medications. I found that the medications were more harmful than helpful and I did not have success in curing my migraines.

Then I heard about Dr. Deborah Stokes and her work in neurofeedback and specifically her work with migraine patients. Her diagnosis and treatment plan has helped me tremendously. I no longer have daily migraines. I even went seven weeks without one at all.I am a new person now because of neurofeedback.Thank you Dr. Stokes.*
– Anedi E, age 38 Falls Church, VA

I was a skeptic. Yet, I couldn’t sleep without pills and was living my life in an anxious fog. One year after treatment, I have no trouble sleeping. I am focused, calm, and efficient in all aspects of my life. I’ve even lost 25 pounds! “Braintraining” turned my life around.”*
-Lynne P., Arlington

I first decided to try neurofeedback after several years of severe depression, anxiety and Attention Deficit Disorder. Although I’m now 37 years of age, I’ve suffered from bouts of depression my whole life. The most recent bout lasted over 4 years and became more complicated with accompanying anxiety issues. Unfortunately, medication and other forms of traditional therapy proved unsuccessful.

After less than 10 neurofeedback sessions, I started to feel better than I had in years! By 20 sessions, my depression completely lifted and I no longer suffered from the paralyzing anxiety that affected nearly every aspect of my daily life. I’ve now done 30 sessions and will continue with more sessions to work on my ADD. However, it’s such a great feeling to see these symptoms continuously improve. This is the first time that I really feel in control of my life, I even feel better physically!

Thank you Dr. Stokes and every wonderful person that I’ve worked with in your office…..*
– Heather S., Hyattsville, MD

Neurofeedback has significantly lessened the incidence and duration of the migraines I have suffered from for many years. In addition, “brain training” seems to benefit my concentration skills and stress levels, as well as promoting a sounder night’s sleep.

Training sessions are relaxing, painless–and fun! Dr. Stokes and her staff are always professional, informative, and caring. It’s a pleasure to take treatments that are so productive and long-lasting, and which allow me to greatly reduce the need for headache pain medication. In addition, my college-age daughter suffers from chronic migraines, for which no pain medications are effective, and has a seizure condition well-controlled by meds. Neurofeedback has greatly alleviated her headaches and allowed her to continue her studies and activities on campus, pain-free.*
-Laura T, Washington, DC

I had a hard time falling asleep before the Neurofeedback sessions. I felt as if my brain was re-living the day’s events and playing over each stressful work situation. There is one particularly difficult problem in my life right now that used to torment me nightly. It took only a few sessions for me to learn to relax and let go. I can now shut off this running commentary where before it seemed to control me. Now I am off my sleeping medication feel more refreshed in the morning. I rarely have to use the meds to fall asleep any more.*
-Chris P. Reston, VA

I used to get severe migraines every weekend before neurofeedback. I was also pretty stressed out and could not seem to relax which I believe triggered my migraines. I was on every medication known to man and none of them helped prevent them. Now I am no longer getting as many headaches and if I do, they are so mild as to be practically non-existent. I never get the really bad headaches now and it has been three years since I finished my neurofeedback sessions. I wish everyone knew about what neurofeedback could do for stress and migraines.*
-Client, Washington, DC

I was diagnosed by a clinical psychologist with ADD in early 8th grade. I had problems with focusing for significant periods of time, time management and general fatigue. I felt that getting through middle and high school was going to kill me. My parents took me to an educational psychologist, a neurologist and my pediatrician. The only solution offered was ‘medicine’ which my parents refused to do. My Dad explained that the medicine was amphetamines which had many side effects and offered no long term permanent solution. My Dad kept looking and found Neurofeedback Consultants.

During Spring Break I had my diagnostic appointment with Dr. Stokes. I was apprehensive but they completed my brain scan and demonstrated the ‘video games’ they used to treat ADD. Dr. Stokes told me I was an ‘alpha-head.’ I didn’t fully understand what it meant yet – but her telling me that she was one too made me feel I could overcome my ADD.

After the first few sessions, my focus time began to increase. The next improvement was feeling less fatigued both during and after school. I was beginning to be able to complete projects at home at time. Until treatment, in order to complete work I would have to get angry to what I now understand was ‘revving up’ my brain to focus.

I experienced nightmares, usually from scary movies, even from a just a 15 or 30 second clip while flipping channels. They would persist for a week or two afterwards. I could not control these images. After 60 sessions I decided to challenge myself by going to a scary movie in the theater. That night, no nightmares! I realized that I was making progress.

While I understood that I was inconsistent with my school work but couldn’t perceive completely what was happening. Language classes were my Achilles Heel. After initial sessions I could still barely pass English. Simply put, I could not get my ideas down on paper. When I started the neurofeedback protocols for writing I could barely write two paragraphs in 30 minutes, in a barely legible script. By the beginning of 10th grade I was writing four pages of coherent legible script in the same amount of time. Teachers commented about how my handwriting had improved. I showed my 9th grade English teacher my first book report on ‘Atlas Shrugged.’ She replied, “What did they do to you this summer in neurofeedback?” As the technicians told me my numbers were showing significant improvement I could focus the entire day. At the same time, I could rev my brain up on the way to school and was aware of what I was doing.

I am now in 11th grade and taking two AP classes. While the classes are challenging I never thought in 8th grade that I would be able to take any AP class. I can keep pace with writing assignments, timed or otherwise. This year in English class, I am one of the better performers in class, both written and oral, with grammar usage. I am able to answer the more difficult questions being asked in my classes.

I want to thank Dr. Stokes and her staff, without their help I could not be enjoying success in the 11th grade.*
-Ryan J., age 16, Annandale, VA

For us, neurofeedback has been the light at the end of a very long tunnel. We tried medication for our son and it only made him agitated and not want to eat. Counseling was not helpful for his frequent rages and poor academic performance. We took him to a tutoring service and this was not useful either. It wasn’t until we found Dr. Stokes and her staff that we began to see a difference.

Within the first ten sessions, we noticed that he was calmer and less stressed. He got along better with his younger brother and seemed to be able to at least start his homework without a fight. After about 30 sessions, he seemed to take more initiative about actually completing his work. We completed 60 sessions last year and so far, he has a B average where before he was well below the 50th percentile. We always knew he was smart and capable of doing better and neurofeedback has helped him reach more of his true potential.

I would highly recommend this to any parent who has struggled with their child’s academic or emotional problems.*
-Parent, Alington, VA

Before neurofeedback, I couldn’t get my son out of bed in the morning. He would sleep through the first 2 hours of school and not be able to remember his assignments. When he did complete them, he would forget to hand them in. Now he is waking up right after his alarm goes off and he is no longer sleeping or daydreaming in class. His grades have improved dramatically and his soccer coach wanted to know what he is doing since his performance and stamina has gotten so much better so quickly. We are so happy we found neurofeedback and Dr. Stokes.*
-Parent, Fairfax, VA

Our adopted son threatened to break apart our family with his violent rages. He also had crippling fears and anxiety and could not fall asleep at night. Now after 4 months of training, we have a happier, calmer and more insightful child than we could have ever imagined. He is sleeping finally, has friends and seems happier in general. He is completely off the medications he was taking prior to neurofeedback. My entire family is so happy with the results that neurofeedback has provided that I am going to bring in my daughter soon to help her with her focus.*
-Parent, Woodbridge, VA

I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. Since my neurofeedback treatments over 1 1/2 years ago, I have had fewer depressive episodes and am able to control my emotional state much better. My brain feels “clearer” and I don’t get as irritated by normal life events as I used to.”*
-Lyla P., age 38 – McLean, VA.

* Mental health and neurofeedback treatment is not an exact science, therefore no guarantees can be made regarding the process or outcome of these services. Individual results may vary.