Neurotherapy Internship and Consultation for Licensed Health Care Professionals

Interactive experience and observation in a busy neurotherapy practice is strongly recommended soon after the initial didactic classroom training.

We have structured an internship to provide the following:

  • Hands-on experience in providing protocol placements at various sites.
  • Hands-on experience working with the neurofeedback equipment during an actual session.
  • Observing a check-in session before an actual session and seeing how senior clinicians determine protocol selections.
  • Observing an actual initial screening session including the full assessment process.
  • Observing actual flow of clients in a busy neurofeedback clinic setting where approximately 100 sessions are done per week on a wide range of problems.
  • Observing real-life dilemmas in a clinical setting such as coping with equipment failure, side effects and the administrative issues of running a neurotherapy practice.
  • Observing traditional neurofeedback protocols as well as other neurotherapy treatment modalities such as EEG disentrainment, pIR HEG (Passive Infrared Hemoencephalography), LENS, Live Z Score training, and peripheral biofeedback methods such as hand warming, respiration and Heart Rate Variability.
  • Learning time-saving tips and headache-saving good habits before starting neurotherapy in your own practice.


In order to receive internship time or supervision/consultation, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a license to practice independently in a medical or mental health field OR be employed fulltime by someone who is supervising you on-site with full time face to face supervision (this must be verified by a letter from your employer or supervisor with a copy of their license).
  • Complete an Introductory Neurofeedback 4 day training prior to beginning internship.
  • Only one intern per clinic allowed at one time.  Non-clinician interns may not sit in during sensitive history-taking or evaluations, they may only observe general day to day operations and actual sessions.(Non-Clinician interns must accompany their clinical supervisor)


Clinic hours are typically from 8 am until 1pm. and 3 until 7.  The office is typically closed from 1:30-2:30 each day.  We see an average of 10 clients in the morning hours and 10 clients in the afternoon/evening hours.

Fees Per Intern

Option I:  Unlimited Internship for One Year

There is a one-time fee of $1,500 for the internship.  This fee includes:

  • Attendance for one year during regular clinic hours for observation, supervision and hands-on delivery of neurotherapy services.  May attend as often and as many hours as desired for one year.
  • Copies of all clinic forms, including symptom checklists, and administrative forms such as informed consents and HIPPA forms.

Option II:  Part time Limited Internship

This type of internship is typically used by out-of town practitioners.  The fee for each full day of internship is $400.  This does not include one-on-one time.

Fees for half day internships are $200.  This includes any amount of time spent at the clinic for up to 4 hours.

Neither Option I nor II include one-on-one time with Dr. Stokes.  Face to face individual time for supervision or consultation will be charged at her regular hourly rate of $150 (see below).

Option III:  One-On-One Consultation or Supervision

Dr. Stokes charges her regular hourly fee for one-on-one consultation or supervision which is $150 per hour. (Consultation refers to any type of continuing education and supervision refers to discussion of your clinical caseload for BCIA certification and/or licensure.)  Consultation or supervision time can be spent according to your clinical needs and may be spent providing your own personal neurofeedback session.  Other options include phone consultations.  Phone consultations may be purchased in one-hour blocks and may be used in 15 min. increments.  We accept checks, cash, MasterCard and Visa.


Clinical opinions are based on a synthesis of over one thousand hours of post-doctoral training and consultation in neurotherapy from leaders in the field (who may not always agree with one another), many years of fulltime neurotherapy practice since 2000 and an extensive review of the literature on neurotherapy and the brain.  Opinions expressed by Dr. Stokes may or may not be held by other practitioners in the field and are not to be held as gospel by any means. Biographical information and resume furnished upon request.


Clients will be referred to by first name and last initial to protect confidentiality.  Please observe the same confidentiality as you would in a psychotherapy practice by not discussing our clients with anyone other than our clinic staff.

To Get Started

Please email ( or fax (703-960-5934) us a copy of your license and CV and call the office at 703-684-0334 to schedule your internship. If you will be applying your internship time with us towards BCIA certification, you will need to call Judy Crawford at BCIA prior to starting your internship to begin the paperwork with BCIA; otherwise, your hours with us may not count.  Judy can be reached at 303-420-2902.


Testimonials from Past Interns

Thank you for a very rewarding neurofeedback internship experience. The opportunity to engage in hands-on work with your clients under the watchful eyes of yourself and your highly skilled staff has helped me to build the practical skills I need at this time as I am beginning to integrate neurofeedback into my ongoing work as a psychologist. Observing your assessments and training sessions with a range of clinical challenges has broadened my knowledge significantly. The internship has been particularly helpful with regard to issues such as case formulation, treatment planning, session-to-session decision-making, and review of progress, as well as in connection with resolving typical problems that inevitably occur during the course of daily practice. I found your feedback about my own neurofeedback work extremely useful and enlightening, and know this will have an ongoing benefit for my clients. Discussion of such varied matters as ethics, evaluation tools, and office practices, was greatly appreciated, as was learning about useful materials and resources to access, and acquiring basic skill with a variety of hardware and software options. Because of my interest in ensuring that my own training is thorough and complete, and that I have recognizable credentials with which to present myself to clients and the professional community, I also valued the fact that you are certified with the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, and appreciated that you are able to offer formal mentorship that is recognized for my own certification with that organization. The warmth and welcoming hospitality of your office, and your superb staff made learning a pleasure. Based on my training experiences with you, I feel much more confident that I will be able to provide responsible and effective neurofeedback services to my own clients, and would highly recommend your internship to clinicians from any of the health professions.

John R. Davis, Ph.D., C.Psych., ABPP
Psychologist and Adjunct Professor
Applied Disability Studies Program
Brock University
Hamilton, Ontario


In 2003 I attended an EEG Spectrum Neurofeedback four day Introductory training. The training was excellent but I did not have the confidence to begin using neurofeedback on my patients. Most fortunately for me, I met Dr. Deborah Stokes at that training and was invited to begin an internship with her and her staff of highly trained technicians. Dr. Stokes is considered an expert in the use of neurofeedback in clinical practice. The two year internship I spent with her was invaluable. I was able to do hands-on sessions, learn the latest techniques and work with new equipment that Dr. Stokes continues to purchase for this ever-expanding field. Her internship made it possible to meet and network with many of the clinicians working in the community and across the United States. Dr. Stokes’ office is unique in that it is professional but also friendly, warm and full of laughter and good feelings. The experience I gained in those two years contributed greatly to my understanding of the brain and how change occurs in my patients. I would strongly recommend the internship she offers for anyone who wants to continue learning Neurofeedback. Believe me, it was a most exhilarating experience.

Joan Boes, Ph.D., R.N.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alexandria, VA


I completed an 18 month residency with Neurofeedback Consultants, Inc. During that time I learned the art and science of neurotherapy which I incorporate today in my own practice. Dr. Stokes is a renowned practitioner with a heart of gold and a wealth of experience who draws upon a variety of neurotherapeutic interventions and it was my honor to be associated with her and the wonderful staff who are “Neurofeedback Consultants”. The many, many clients I observed, whose lives were improved, are a testament to Dr. Stokes and the professional, compassionate, and caring help she provides.

Alan Spector, Ph.D. LPC
Virginia Neurotherapy and Counseling Center,P.C.
Fairfax, Virginia


Dr. Deborah Stokes is a compassionate clinician and wonderful teacher. She sees a large and varied clientele, so I learned many different approaches to brain training. Her mentorship enabled me to open my own neurofeedback practice with the confidence that I could handle most of my clients independently. She continues to guide me with some of my tougher cases and helps me find the resources to accomplish good outcomes.

Doreen McMahon, MD
NOVA Neurotherapy Center
McLean, VA


I recently spent a day following Deb Stokes and her technicians as they interviewed and started trainings with their patients for a day.

I added neurofeedback to my relatively small part-time private practice (psychiatry with psychotherapy) about a year and a half ago. I’ve found it challenging to grow my NF skills rapidly, despite being in an isolated area, and having only a handful of patients I’m working on, not to mention being a mom and wife with many interests.

Deb had responded to my post about a dizzy patient of mine, encouraging me to learn more about what she is doing with migraines…which sometimes present with dizziness..I was intrigued of course. I had noted years earlier that my patients with the most mood instability often had migraines and sleep problems, and often sinus problems. This, along with Deb’s enthusiasm, made me want to follow her around to learn from her. I was also wondering how I could have my offerings for evaluation and neurofeedback, and my more recently purchased HRV training be offered in a more time efficient, less harried, and more productive way. And I was wondering how a “brain map” is done, and whether I wanted to add the infrared-bloodflow biofeedback into my practice.

The day at Deb’s office definitely began to answer all the questions I took with me, and gave me plenty to digest over the next year. I got some practical help from her technicians. They helped me with aspects of using my NF equipment….simple things like getting the EEG to scroll instead of the “red line”, etc. The technicians were friendly and professional, and very competent. They were eager to teach me, and took the initiative to pull me aside every chance they could get me, to show me the kinds of things they knew I might need to learn from them.

It was helpful to see how the office runs…how they make use of the rooms, lay out their equipment, keep Deb moving between sessions to make the best use of her expertise…..She had at least five rooms going at one point, my guess is she may do more sometimes. I learned from watching her interact with patents, seeing how she balanced thoroughness and empathic listening with practical time management issues, watched her skill in persuasion and healing.

I saw NF sessions with EEGer, Roshi, HRV, pIR HEG and received info on where to order the tool for hand-warming biofeedback. They shared copies from the notebook of magazine articles, etc that they leave in their waiting room so patients can read about neurofeedback while they are waiting to be evaluated.

I left with protocols to start with for the patient I had her evaluate. I watched her brain map. I have plans to pursue more supervision with Deb, which I am looking forward to.

Deb has a generous enthusiasm about sharing what she knows, is highly skilled, and is a good mentor. I would recommend her internship to anyone looking to sharpen skills in evaluation and training for neurofeedback, increasing their ability to see more patients, or adding technicians, as well as having their NF practice run practically and efficiently and with an overall atmosphere of healing.

Hogan Pesaniello, MD
Chincoteague Island, VA


The training and experience I have obtained as an intern under the direction of Dr. Stokes and her staff has been tremendous. As a well established neurofeedback practitioner, Dr. Stokes impressed me with her excellence, delivered with compassion, and caring for all of her clients. As a very multi-modal clinician, she incorporates not only traditional neurofeedback therapy, but also ROSHI, the LENS,pIR HEG, and various peripheral biofeedback. I have been fortunate to be exposed to all of these and more under her mentorship. From day one I was included in observing client screenings, evaluations and sessions. A big plus was working with such a wonderful team – all the staff are friendly , knowledgeable and competent at what they do, and I have greatly appreciated their guidance and support as they have answered my (many) questions on various techniques and protocols, as well as their assistance with providing me with hands-on experience and skills.

My internship here has surpassed my expectations, giving me the confidence I needed to be in the field of neurotherapy. I am very grateful that I had this opportunity and will always cherish memories of my experience.

Kathy Bonner, RN
Chesapeake City, MD


It was my honor and pleasure to work with Dr. Stokes and her staff who were all very warm, friendly and shared their knowledge and expertise generously. During my four day internship, I found it was most enlightening and provided me with a better understanding of what to expect in a neurofeedback practice on a daily basis. As my experience with neurofeedback to date is very limited, the new protocols, placements and techniques which they presented will be most advantageous for my future work. They introduced me to a variety of equipment while training their patients.

I saw first hand the ease of use and benefits of each system and it opened my eyes to many possibilities which are available for helping my own clients. They provided me with ethical issues, recommendations, contacts, resources, literature and forms all of which was very informative and useful. As far as I am concerned, it’s basically an “all in one stop for neurofeedback training for the new practitioner”. “I feel that my four days with them was very worthwhile and I would recommend this experience to anyone interested in becoming BCIA certified”.

I consider Dr. Stokes and her staff “angels” because of the tremendous impact they have had on their patients’ lives and I wish them continued success in their future.

Teresa Sgrignuolo
Brossard, Quebec