heide-rokniHeide Rokni, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked in the health and mental health fields for over seven years. She holds a Master’s of Social Work from Catholic University. The majority of Heide’s clients are people living with depression, anxiety, life-limiting illness and grief. In her practice, she incorporates traditional psychotherapy with mind-body techniques such as imagery, meditation, breathing and biofeedback. Her work with neurotherapy (EEG biofeedback) began two years ago after experiencing excellent results as a client.

Prior to beginning her neurotherapy work, as a hospice social worker Heide provided therapy and counseling services to hospice patients living in the Washington, DC area and their families. She has counseled individuals and facilitated groups of children, teens and adults grieving the loss of a loved one. She has also led wellness groups with adults, focusing on the mind-body connection as a key resource for healing and growth. Having worked with people of all backgrounds and ages (3 to 103) has offered Heide many enriching and rewarding opportunities to provide therapeutic interventions to people in need, and she looks forward to continuing this work at our practice.