Our Staff – Providing Neurotherapy Services

Front row, left to right, leaning: Elizabeth Schroth, MA, BCC, LGPC, EEG technician and counseling resident.
Sitting: Dawn Perez, LPC, NBCC, Deborah Stokes, PhD, BCN, Heide Rokni, LCSW, Jason Mathison, PsyD, NCSP, ABSNP; leaning: Cheri Schipper, EEG technician.
Back row standing left to right: Jane Landis, receptionist, Paula Milano, EEG technician, Cathy Durham, MSW, counseling resident, Nina McCormack, LCSW, Lorraine Faherty, Clinic Director, Lynn Gibbons, counseling resident and EEG technician, Udochi Okeke, EEG technician.

The Team

Our Licensed Staff Members

Our Mental Health Team