Counseling Services

At the Better Brain Center, we offer counseling services to enhance your quality of life and response to stress.

Americans are numbing out our feelings, trying to make certain everything that is uncertain in life, and placing blame on everyone and anything that doesn’t fit into our concept of how “things should be.” The result is we are the most unhappy, anxious, self-medicated, and addicted group of individuals in history. The result is we feel horrible, take more meds, eat more food, act more disagreeable, and feel more alone and ashamed than ever before. We try to avoid all these negative experiences, but by doing so we also love the possibility of feeling anything good.

By using best practices of psychotherapy, psychiatry, and neurofeedback, the counselors and therapists at The Better Brain Center can help you learn how to live a full and worthwhile life.

Issues We Treat

Anxiety Disorder: We provide personalized treatment approaches to help those with anxiety normalize the feelings, understand the physical and emotional roots of the disorder, and find specific solutions to help them cope.

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Depression & Mood Disorders: Learn to identify and address the underlying emotional, physical and social stressors that cause depression and related mood disorders such as bi-polar disorder.

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Grief: Our counselors understand there are good days and bad days during the grief process. We’ll help you ride that wave as you process love and loss .

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Trauma: Trauma comes in many forms, and as a result requires flexible and patient treatment. We will work with you to find ways to self-soothe trauma reactions in the moment and eventually develop a fuller understanding of trauma and how to overcome it to your full capacity.

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Self-Harm Behaviors: We understand self-harm is not the same as being suicidal. It’s a form of releasing and expressing emotional pain. We will help you find healthier ways of expression and how to find solutions to those things that cause your pain.

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Life Transitions: Life transitions are not necessarily about “bad” things, though any transition can cause stress and anxiety. We can help you identify the thoughts and worries you have about change and find effective ways to cope with those experiences.

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I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. Since my neurofeedback treatments over 1 1/2 years ago, I have had fewer depressive episodes and am able to control my emotional state much better. My brain feels “clearer” and I don’t get as irritated by normal life events as I used to.

I have suffered from chronic migraines for the past fifteen years. In the past four years my migraines became a daily debilitating occurrence. I have seen five neurologists and have tried numerous medications. I found that the medications were more harmful than helpful and I did not have success in curing my migraines.

Then I heard about Dr. Deborah Stokes and her work in neurofeedback and specifically her work with migraine patients. Her diagnosis and treatment plan has helped me tremendously. I no longer have daily migraines. I even went seven weeks without one at all.I am a new person now because of neurofeedback. Thank you Dr. Stokes.

I was a skeptic. Yet, I couldn’t sleep without pills and was living my life in an anxious fog. One year after treatment, I have no trouble sleeping. I am focused, calm, and efficient in all aspects of my life. I’ve even lost 25 pounds! “Braintraining” turned my life around

*Mental health and neurofeedback treatment is not an exact science, therefore no guarantees can be made regarding the process or outcome of these services.
Individual results may vary.