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Our brains have been wired by millions of years of evolution to worry. If we didn’t worry, we wouldn’t be alive. But when anxiety takes over, it’s gone beyond worry. When you find yourself experiencing stress routinely, or if it becomes pervasive and prevents you from enjoying life on a frequent or persistent basis, it’s time to seek help.

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health disorders affecting Americans, with many different types like Generalize Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Specific Phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and much more. Let the experienced therapists at our outpatient centers in Central Maryland or Washington, D.C. help you learn to cope with stress and learn new behaviors to help you embrace life again and feel better about not always being in control.

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Statistically Speaking:

  • 33%

    About 33% of women will suffer from some form of an anxiety disorder in their lifetime, compared to about 22% of men. (Kessler et al, 1994)

I have been very impressed and delighted to see some of my more challenging patients with migraines who had been on a number of medications finally get relief by undergoing neurofeedback. I referred them to Dr. Stokes’ neurofeedback clinic because we were running out of conventional options. Neurofeedback is something more physicians need to add to a repertoired approach to migraines.

Our adopted son threatened to break apart our family with his violent rages. He also had crippling fears and anxiety and could not fall asleep at night. Now after 4 months of training, we have a happier, calmer and more insightful child than we could have ever imagined. He is sleeping finally, has friends and seems happier in general. He is completely off the medications he was taking prior to neurofeedback. My entire family is so happy with the results that neurofeedback has provided that I am going to bring in my daughter soon to help her with her focus.

Before neurofeedback, I couldn’t get my son out of bed in the morning. He would sleep through the first 2 hours of school and not be able to remember his assignments. When he did complete them, he would forget to hand them in. Now he is waking up right after his alarm goes off and he is no longer sleeping or daydreaming in class. His grades have improved dramatically and his soccer coach wanted to know what he is doing since his performance and stamina has gotten so much better so quickly. We are so happy we found neurofeedback and Dr. Stokes.

*Mental health and neurofeedback treatment is not an exact science, therefore no guarantees can be made regarding the process or outcome of these services.
Individual results may vary.

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