Neurofeedback Services

We are here to help you find relief from symptoms related to pain, headaches and migraines, insomnia, anxiety, depression, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), and other concerns related to brain functioning. We’ll help you switch on your Better Brain!

Symptoms we treat:

Chronic Pain: Neurofeedback helps you learn to relieve stress and improve your brain’s ability calm itself, which can lessen the experience of chronic pain, stress headaches, and migraines.

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Insomnia: Get rid of the “busy brain” chatter that keeps you lying awake at night.

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Anxiety: We assist you to learn to be less reactive to stress associated with anxiety and related conditions using the latest neurofeedback techniques.

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Depression: Depression often is seen as slow brainwave activity. We can help identify if this can be improved with neurofeedback.

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ADHD: Neurofeedback is a proven non-medication treatment to increase concentration and focus, and decrease hyperactivity.

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Additional Areas: There are a variety of behavioral and functional issues we can help with from autism and anger management to athletes and executives wanting enhanced performance.

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Our Results

Three out of four clients show marked improvement in symptom reduction and improved brain function as found in the Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA).


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What is Neurofeedback and How is it Done?

Also known as EEG biofeedback, neurofeedback training assists individuals in improving their overall functioning. It is a non-drug, non-invasive and painless method for training the brain. Sensors are attached to the scalp, which feed brainwaves into an amplifier which converts the brainwaves into audio and video displays, which resemble video games. Watching the video screen and listening to tones give the client immediate feedback on whether his/her brain is making faster or slower brainwaves. By repeatedly making the desired brainwave patterns, clients learn to maintain the desired state.

How We Treat

The professionals at The Better Brain Center offer the widest variety of neurofeedback procedures and equipment available in the DC and NOVA region using comprehensive state of the art neurofeedback protocols. Our professionals regularly receive continuing education on the most effective and rapid methods available to date. We are also uniquely qualified to help you using:


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brain illustrationQuantitative EEG (qEEG)
brain mapping
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The Better Brain Center is operated by a staff of highly qualified
professionals dedicated to the improvement of your neurological health.


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  • 76 %

    Of our clients with anxiety
    experienced improvement in
    ability to focus.*

  • 77 %

    Of our clients with insomnia
    experienced improvement in
    executive function.*

  • 70 %

    Of migraineurs at our clinic
    experience a reduction in the frequency of their headaches.*

  • 75 %

    Of our clients with ADHD
    experienced improvement in
    ability to focus.*

*Mental health and neurofeedback treatment is not an exact science, therefore no guarantees can be made regarding the process or outcome of these services.
Individual results may vary.

I have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. Since my neurofeedback treatments over 1 1/2 years ago, I have had fewer depressive episodes and am able to control my emotional state much better. My brain feels “clearer” and I don’t get as irritated by normal life events as I used to.

I have suffered from chronic migraines for the past fifteen years. In the past four years my migraines became a daily debilitating occurrence. I have seen five neurologists and have tried numerous medications. I found that the medications were more harmful than helpful and I did not have success in curing my migraines.

Then I heard about Dr. Deborah Stokes and her work in neurofeedback and specifically her work with migraine patients. Her diagnosis and treatment plan has helped me tremendously. I no longer have daily migraines. I even went seven weeks without one at all.I am a new person now because of neurofeedback. Thank you Dr. Stokes.

I was a skeptic. Yet, I couldn’t sleep without pills and was living my life in an anxious fog. One year after treatment, I have no trouble sleeping. I am focused, calm, and efficient in all aspects of my life. I’ve even lost 25 pounds! “Braintraining” turned my life around

*Mental health and neurofeedback treatment is not an exact science, therefore no guarantees can be made regarding the process or outcome of these services.
Individual results may vary.